VENAC Ensemble

VENAC is a professional ensemble consisting of performers of folk dances and songs. The ultimate goal of the ensemble is preservation of national heritage, tradition, culture and folklore from the area of Kosovo and Metohija. After celebration of 50 years of its existence, in 2014, Venac established Youth and Children ensembles with the aim to convey all of its knowledge and skills on to the younger generations in Kosovo and Metohija.

Professional ensemble

“Venac”, professional ensemble of folk dances and songs of Kosovo and Metohija is one of the two professional ensembles in Serbia, working under the patronage of the Ministry of Culture and Information of Republic of Serbia.

It  was established more than half a century ago with the aim to explore, preserve and artistically shape and after that present dancing, musical, singing and ritualistic heritage of Kosovo and Metohija.

The ensemble is very dedicated to its goal, cooperating with the most prominent folklore and vocal pedagogues, ethnochoreologists, ethnomusicologists, choreographers, composers and other stage artists. The ultimate aim of the ensemble is, by giving numerous performances and concerts,  to work on preservation and improvement of professional folklore stage both in Serbia and in the region.

Specificity of the Ensemble is reflected in the fact that it succedeed to revive the spirit of folklore in young people despite the conditions in Kosovo and Metohija. Wishing for future generations to nurture folklore amateurism, the Ensemble started programmes of folklore schools, which are very successfully attended by over 400 children of different ages from Serbian surroundings in Kosovo and Metohija. Professional dancers are hired to educate and convey their knowledge on to amateur dancers.   

In the previous period of time, the Ensemble set the practice of the creation of a new artistic programme once a year. With a preview at the stage in Gracanica and the solemn premiere on the Main stage of the National Theatre in Belgrade, these programmes start their tours all over Serbia and the region. 

The number of performances of our Ensemble is growing every year and thus more and more people have an opportunity to see us on stage and together with us spread the tradition of enjoying the art of folklore, the thing we are especially proud of.