Folk dance and songs ensemble of Kosovo and Metohija


VENAC is the only professional ensemble in the province, whose goal is to preserve and develop folklore(folk dance and songs) and to analyse possibilities for finding new forms of folk art. It was established by the Ministry of Culture of Republic of Serbia, in Pristina, in 1964.The ensemble is very successful in keeping the tradition and spreading the culture of folk dance by giving performances and carrying out numerous activities through Professional, Youth and Children ensembles.

VENAC is a professional ensemble consisting of performers of folk dance and songs. The ultimate goal of the ensemble is the preservation of national heritage, tradition, culture and folklore from the region of Kosovo and Metohija. After celebration of 50 years of its existence, in 2014, Venac founded Youth and Children ensembles with an aim to convey its knowledge and skills on to the younger generations in Kosovo and Metohija.


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