Venac children ensembles

Folklore schools of VENAC Ensemble are the answer of our art house to the lack of art schools and folklore amateurism as a foundation for building a potential future staff of performers. Led by that idea, the management of VENAC, during 2014. formed folklore schools in Gracanica and other places in central Kosovo. Five folklore schools were founded, comprising approximately twenty places, with head offices in the premises of elementary schools and cultural centres. In order to make the best basis for the development of future perfomers of folk dance, VENAC chose professionals from its own personnel to work with students. In this way, VENAC was the key factor of revivification of folklore amateurism in Kosovo and Metohija.

Folklore schools of VENAC Ensemble gather around 300 elementary school children from the central area of Kosovo basin (Pristina, Gracanica, Kosovo Polje), inhabited with Serbian population. Beside Gracanica, folklore schools were founded in Laplje Selo, Lepina, Donja Gusterica, which moved to Livadje in March 2019, and from day one, a folklore school was established in the only remaining Serbian place north of Pristina, Donja Brnjica. These folklore schools` programme is in compliance with Venac programme policy, which is primarily based on preservation and stage presentation of folk dances, songs and customs of Kosovo and Metohija and Old Serbia, as well as broader Serbian cultural areas.  Beside education of its students, VENAC organises numerous concerts and guest performances not only in Kosovo and Metohija, but also all over Serbia, where the children from folklore schools present their skills as Venac children ensembles.

VENAC is very proud of its youth folklore army, with the help of which it is very successfully preserving rich non-material cultural heritage of Kosovo and Metohija region.